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Friday, December 8, 2023
EntertainmentJimin on the love triangle: “The fox is a bargaining chip between Jungkook and V. There is no love...

Jimin on the love triangle: “The fox is a bargaining chip between Jungkook and V. There is no love there”

Popcake continues to post interesting public opinions on Korean idol events. Let’s start with a little story: Jungkook has long been suspected of liking Blackpink’s Lisa, but after BTS’s Taehyung, who is also Golden Maknae’s best friend, took part in the filming, ARMYs’ attention turned. to Vi.

I remember last year, an insider posted Jimin’s review, which talked about his co-workers’ interaction with the Blackpink girls. In this message, the man claimed that Chim denies any connection between colleagues and says that it is basically impossible. Idols, the sasaeng quotes, “need girls who don’t do show business.”

“If one of them (or both) is passionate about Lisa, then it’s nothing but romance and a desire to compete with each other. Remember that this are young men and that they can have an element of rivalry in the field of love. But it is difficult to imagine anything serious between them. With their bossy and overwhelming nature, their determination, the stars need to someone who can submit. Fox definitely isn’t one of them,” the post’s author said, referring to Jiminy’s review.

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