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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsOrel will host events in memory of the genocide of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War

Orel will host events in memory of the genocide of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War

April 19 is the Day of United Actions in Remembrance of the Genocide of the Soviet People. As part of this event, patriotic and educational events will be held in the Orel region in all educational institutions. This was announced by the regional government on its official website.

So, on this day there will be a teleconference between the students of school No. 2 of Orel and the Verkhnedonskaya gymnasium of the Rostov region. In the form of a videoconference, a joint discussion on the causes of the Soviet genocide will take place and little-known historical facts will be presented.

The arc platform where the memorial day will be held is the Oryol Restoration and Construction College. There will be only one lesson “Without limitation period”. It will be based on documentary materials stored in the archives of the Russian Federation. The lesson will be devoted to preserving the historical memory of the crimes committed by the Nazis and their accomplices in the Orel region in 1941-1943.

At the same time, in Lyceum No. 4 named after the Hero of the Soviet Union GB Zlotin, a lesson in courage “Memory is stronger than time” will take place. Patriotic research associations of children and youth centers “Warrior” and “Vityaz” will tell about their experience. In particular, search engines will report on the regional stages of the All-Russian Memory Watch. There will also be an exhibition dedicated to small arms of the Great Patriotic War, found in the Orel region.

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