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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldEuropePAP: France has blocked the purchase of ammunition for Ukraine

PAP: France has blocked the purchase of ammunition for Ukraine

France blocks the allocation of funds for the purchase of ammunition for Ukraine. It should be noted that two billion euros are planned to finance such a project. This was reported by the Polish News Agency (PAP). The reason for this decision, according to the agency, could be the lobbying of Paris for the interests of its arms firms.

“France is blocking the European Union’s decision to finance the supply of ammunition to Ukraine. Among other things, she wants refinancing to be possible not only in the case of ammunition, but also of missiles, even in a situation where Ukraine does not request such missiles,” the article reads.

It is specified that half of the amount was to be sent to EU countries to reimburse deliveries to Kiev, but there are not enough shells in European warehouses, so the EU needs to buy them in other countries. Accordingly, the second half of the amount was to be allocated to orders for the production of ammunition in EU countries.

Recall that in March the leaders of EU countries supported the plan for the accelerated transfer of artillery and missile ammunition to Kiev. The agreement specifies that the deliveries must be made without prejudice to the defense of the countries of the European Union.

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