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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsResidents of Moscow, Kaluga and Tula regions reported "sounds of explosions". ...

Residents of Moscow, Kaluga and Tula regions reported “sounds of explosions”. The authorities explained it by the passage of the planes to the hypersonic


Residents of Moscow, Kaluga and Tula regions on the morning of April 13 reported loud noises similar to explosions on social networks. The authorities of the regions explained the noises by the passage of the planes in hypersonic mode.

Loud noises were reported by residents of Kashira, Stupino, Ozyor in the Moscow region, Yasnogorsk and Aleksin in the Tula region, as well as Kaluga and the city of Medyn in the Kaluga region, writing “”.

Residents of Kaluga and surrounding areas said windows were shaking in houses and an “air surge” was felt, said in the telegram channel “Tin Kaluga”.

In Kashira and Stupino, “at least four loud noises” were heard, windows rattled in houses and chandeliers swayed, informed telegram channel “Attention, Moscow”.

Elvira Vikhareva, former candidate for the State Duma said in the telegram channel that she heard the sound of explosions five times on the morning of April 13, when she was at a dacha in the Zaoksky district of the Tula region. According to her, “the wooden house ‘blew up’.”

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kaluga region urged residents not to panic. “There is nothing to worry about. It was an airplane, its transition to supersonic. There were no fire calls and there was nothing urgent,” reported “Rise” in the department.

The government of the Kaluga region has also insured that “there is no need to worry”. “The loud noises that were heard in Kaluga and the surrounding area were caused by the planes crossing the supersonic barrier. The Federal Air Transport Agency has confirmed this information,” the press service said in a statement. Similar information was released by the governor of the Kaluga region, Vladislav Shapsha.

The same explanation for the loud noises was given by the Kashira City District Chief. Nikolai Khanin And Committee Tula region on regional security.

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