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Sunday, December 3, 2023
HealthA dialogue that outlines the features of the future

A dialogue that outlines the features of the future

With a great degree of transparency and clarity, His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, dealt with issues of internal affairs and external positions of the State of Qatar regarding a number of files in the region.

In the first direct dialogue after assuming the position on the seventh of last March, and in the presence of a crowd of media professionals, Qatar TV hosted His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He talked about various files, starting with the World Cup and the legacy formed by this hosting, passing through health and education. And the private sector, employment, Qatari investments abroad, value-added tax, health insurance and retirement law… and ending with the state’s financial surpluses, although the focus is largely on education and health, the two sectors that top the state’s concerns, and give them priority.

The meeting – which was broadcast live – reaffirmed Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani’s leadership capabilities of a high caliber, and his strong presence in the various issues that were the subject of discussion and questions of the audience, although he only assumed the position for about 38 years. One day, but his answers to the various questions of the interview presenter and the media people indicated that he was close to all these issues and files, and well versed in them, as if he had been in this position for years.

He provided deep and convincing answers to various questions, clearly defined the government’s work paths during the next stage, and clearly outlined the goals that his government aspires to. He did not deny the existence of administrative shortcomings in some sectors, even if there were successes in certain crises, such as the health sector during the Corona crisis. However, he does not exaggerate in talking about the gains in the service sectors. Rather, his proposal was balanced, convincing, and rational, as everyone knew in his political stances during the past years, which deserved to be described as a “knight of diplomacy.”

Therefore, this interview and the presentation of societal issues in it is an indication of a new phase that we will see in the government system, and I believe it will have its aftermath, and positive matters and developments will appear in the public and private sectors, complementing the efforts of his brothers who preceded him in this position.

The capabilities of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, and the cumulative experience he gained during his career, including his position as director of the Small and Medium Enterprises Support Project in 2009, director of the Public and Private Sector Partnership Department at the Ministry of Business and Trade, chairman of the Executive Committee of the Enterprise Development Company, and sponsorship Economic diversification programmes, leading to his assumption of the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2016, and before that in 2013 Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, and in 2018 Chairman of the Qatar Investment Authority .. These and other positions formed a qualitative leadership figure for Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani.

His Excellency did not neglect to talk about the soft power that Qatar enjoys, part of which is the support, assistance and assistance it provides to other countries and peoples. He recalled here the hadith of “good deeds protect against bad wrestlers.” He said that all the people of Qatar are known for their benevolent and supportive attitudes, and he wondered: Do they overdo it? Should their government take such positions?

Indicators say that a new phase will begin in work in various sectors, and we will soon see the fruits of these efforts in terms of the level and quality of services provided to citizens and residents in various fields, and greater openness and more support for the public and private sectors, in line with the requirements of the phase.

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