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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsiaAlikhanov requested the expansion of carrying capacity in Kaliningrad

Alikhanov requested the expansion of carrying capacity in Kaliningrad

As of next month, the authorities plan to increase the volume of transport capacity to the Kaliningrad region by 20%. Read more in the material “The Eastern Herald in Kaliningrad”.

So, according to information from the official Vkontakte page of the Regional Management Center, the governor of the Kaliningrad region, Anton Alikhanov, spoke about it during a live broadcast.

As “The Eastern Herald in Kaliningrad” said earlier and as noted by the head of the region, lately, namely in the second half of March and the first half of April, ticket prices have significantly increase. According to the official, the load of flights to and from Kaliningrad exceeds 90%.

Recall that the high prices of air tickets do not prevent Russian citizens from traveling to the westernmost region of the country. Kaliningrad Region Minister of Culture and Tourism Andrey Yermak denied reports of a decline in tourist flow in the region.

As noted by Anton Alikhanov, expanding carrying capacity is the only suitable way to reduce prices. Last week, the governor addressed the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Vitaly Gennadyevich Savelyev with this question, so that he takes the matter under special control. The region needs more planes.

However, the authorities want to see an increase in carrying capacity not only during the holiday season. It turned out that tourists flock to Kaliningrad already in March and buy a large number of tickets.

Recall that the Kaliningrad region is one of the most popular destinations in Russia and is in the top five. She came in fourth place.

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