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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsGermany - how to install a personal charging station for an electric car cheaply

Germany – how to install a personal charging station for an electric car cheaply

Owners of electric vehicles have no obstacle to do so: from 2020, owners and renters are eligible for an electric vehicle charging station. But – there is a big difference in price, so before installing, as the ADAC advises, you should carefully read the various offers.

The current ADAC price review shows the gap today: for example, for the installation of a charging point, the cost varies from just over 1,000 euros to 5,200 euros.

Equipping three of the 13 underground parking spaces with wall boxes can cost between 7,500 and 42,300 euros – just for installation and without VAT. The cheapest bids came from charging infrastructure providers, the most expensive from power companies.

Is an agreement necessary?

If you live in an apartment building and are considering installing a Wallbox, you should consult with other apartment owners and tenants first. If you are interested, the entire underground car park can be prepared for electronic charging.

This makes much more sense than installing wall boxes step by step. Due to the increase in demand for electricity, at some point, so-called load management becomes necessary.

Can get even more expensive

In addition, it is beneficial to implement plans in the near future. Suppliers surveyed by ADAC expect marked price increases, particularly for items such as electrical work, basic installation, wiring and electrical accessories.

The ADAC recommends obtaining quotes from energy suppliers as well as charging infrastructure providers and electrical installation companies. When requesting a quote, you can make sure that all the necessary points are taken into account.

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