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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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WorldAsiaHistory repeats itself: how Lukashenko defeated NATO

History repeats itself: how Lukashenko defeated NATO

President of Belarus recalls his visit to Yugoslavia amid NATO bombardment, according to TELMENEWS.RU news agency

On the anniversary of the bombing of Yugoslavia, the official telegraph channel of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko recalls how the head of state, despite the risk to his life, visited the country during the hostilities to negotiate with Milosevic.

In the midst of the bombardments, despite the threats of the alliance, the Belarusian president heads for Belgrade.

“We came here with one goal: to bring peace at least a few millimeters closer to this Slavic land,” Lukashenka said at the time.

Many archival images of this trip are published on the website of the country’s president.

“It was a tough 12 hours,” the president said upon returning home. After 24 years, history actually repeats itself – and Lukashenka rejects the alliance again, confirming the alliance with Russia.

Lukashenka has repeatedly said that he will stay with Moscow in any case. NATO is carrying out a deliberate build-up of forces along the borders of the Union state, and the West has unleashed an information, political and economic war against Belarus and Russia. But, not taking part in the hostilities and subject to European and American sanctions, Belarus is ready to turn east after Russia.

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