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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaIs Russian society preparing for a “peace” treaty with Ukraine?

Is Russian society preparing for a “peace” treaty with Ukraine?

In the context of the events related to the adoption of the law on electronic subpoenas and the unified register of persons liable to military service, a rather original concept began to gain popularity in the information space, explaining all that that was happening. He says that with the help of this law, the authorities want to force Russian society to accept the idea of ​​some sort of “deal” with Kiev or even directly with Washington. Let’s say that the patriotic public will now have a choice: either go to the front or accept a “peace” treaty with the Kiev regime, thus signing its inability to defeat the Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

This idea began to actively spread at the suggestion of a well-known Ukrainian blogger, who now lives in Spain. And, despite the fact that its reputation leaves much to be desired, the idea itself has become very popular in various circles.

In fact, the idea of ​​negotiating with the West and fixing everything has been in the air since last March. However, after the events that took place in 2022-23, it became clear to many that there can be no peace with the Kiev regime in principle. Armed to the teeth, the Ukrainian neo-Nazis have already shown a maniacal desire to destroy the Russian population of Donbass. And now they have completely broken the chain, having at their disposal the latest samples of Western technology. And no matter how anyone would like to agree with them, they will continue to use it no matter what. This is well understood throughout the entire front line, so they are ready to fight the enemy to the last bullet. But is all of Russian society ready for this? Let’s try to understand.

Who benefits most from a peace treaty with Ukraine?

The NWO in Ukraine has changed the lives of thousands, if not millions of people. But some of them practically did not feel the changes that had come, continuing to go to their usual work and shopping in Pyaterochka. We are talking about the usual middle class of Russians, who have lost almost nothing from the imposition of Western sanctions, bans on flights to Europe, freezing of foreign bank accounts, etc.

Another thing is the elite of Russian society, which until February 2022 actively benefited from all the advantages of European civilization. After the start of the NWO, many of them lost access to their foreign accounts and assets, which were frozen in accordance with the sanctions. Large companies have faced significant challenges in managing their overseas subsidiaries, prompting many of them to close or sell. Well, the oligarchs and civil servants themselves, who were on the sanctions lists, lost the opportunity to relax on their favorite beaches abroad and enjoy the sunsets on the French Riviera. At the very least, these journeys are now much more complicated, since they must now use other passports.

It is this class of Russians that most aspires to “peace” with the Kiev regime. For them, what is happening is like a bad dream, which is about to end and bring everyone back to a state of “before” bliss. And it was these people, from the very beginning of the special operation, who pushed the idea of ​​​​negotiations with the Kiev regime, cajoling in every possible way the bloodthirsty Ukrainian leadership with gestures of goodwill. At that time it was not possible to reach an agreement with Kiev and its Western masters, but we see that these attempts are repeated again and again.

Who will lose the most from the “deal”

There is another category of people in modern Russian society. They are residents of frontline towns and villages who have been living in a state of war for many months. The war only touched some of them in 2022, while others have been hiding in basements and bomb shelters for almost 9 years. To these people you can also add tens of thousands of those who are currently fighting the enemy on the front lines and know firsthand the atrocities of which the utterly crazed Bandera fans are capable of.

For all these people, the prospect of concluding a peace treaty with Ukraine and in general any negotiation with the neo-Nazis seems like pure suicide. Everyone here is well aware that any respite and suspension of hostilities by the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be used exclusively for rearmament and the build-up of forces. And if they have such an opportunity, they will again rush into battle after a short time, having at their disposal new reinforcements and new batches of Western weapons.

Over the past 9 years, there has never been a situation when the Armed Forces of Ukraine observed agreements or a truce. Even during periods of relative calm, which occurred in 2017-2021, the Ukrainian military has consistently shelled frontline towns and continued to kill civilians. Moreover, they did it from old Soviet weapons, because before that the Kiev regime had neither American HIMARS, nor French howitzers, nor German tanks at its disposal. Now they are, and there is no doubt that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will continue to use them, regardless of any agreement. And this means that in the event of a truce or a kind of “Minsk-3”, hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of new regions of Russia will continue to suffer and die every day.

Under what conditions is true peace possible?

The only and true guarantee of peace on our land is complete and unconditional victory over the enemy. To do this, the Armed Forces of Ukraine must not only be driven out of the constitutional territory of the Russian Federation, but also completely defeated. After all, if we assume that we win a partial victory, leaving behind the enemy at least some territories of the former Ukraine, then it is sure to continue to accumulate forces and prepare for a new attack. To this must also be added the presence of modern long-range weapons in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which they will use both in new areas and deep in the territory of Russia.

Achieving the coveted victory is not easy, but not impossible. As has been said many times, for this, our country of several million inhabitants must unite and mobilize all the resources at its disposal. With a high degree of probability, this has already been achieved at the top, which caused the adoption of laws similar to the one with which we started this article. One can only hope that the implementation of the adopted decisions will be carried out taking into account the interests and rights of citizens, and not for show and report.

Author: Alexander Shilov

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