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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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NewsOn the occasion of the International Art Day.. Plastic artists and critics: Creativity embodies the dreams of peoples and...

On the occasion of the International Art Day.. Plastic artists and critics: Creativity embodies the dreams of peoples and responds to the challenges of the times

Arts of all kinds represent the highest forms of expression of human aspirations, emotions and dreams, and an embodiment of his role in the reconstruction of the earth, the dissemination of knowledge and the building of a society of dignity, peace and justice. Tomorrow, Saturday, the world celebrates the International Day of Art, which falls on the 15th of April every year, with the aim of advancing, developing, disseminating, enjoying and tasting the artistic process, since the adoption by the General Conference of UNESCO at its fortieth session held in the year 2019, the International Day of Art, whose vision is to Strengthening the bonds between the forms of artistic creativity and society, raising awareness of the diversity of these forms, and highlighting the contribution of artists to achieving sustainable development. Plastic artists and critics stressed in exclusive statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA) the importance of the International Day of Art in highlighting the artistic and aesthetic heritage of nations and peoples, and the role of artists in documenting, inspiring and reflecting the civilized state of societies and absorbing transformations and changes in the human scene and expressing them in aesthetic forms. On the other hand, the renaissance witnessed by the State of Qatar in the field of arts, and the efforts of institutions concerned with culture in nurturing creativity and creators, and the ability of artists to develop their tools and methods and respond to the challenges of the times.

#channel_video | Plastic artist Salman Al-Malik, in a statement to #Qena Interest in art in a country #Qatar Enhances the functional role of the artist and reflects the importance of cultural diversity in society pic.twitter.com/oh8CZ8SrJX

In this context, plastic artist Salman Al-Malik stressed the importance and necessity of betting on culture in its comprehensive sense, visual arts and plastic creativity in particular, and the importance of the International Day of Art in highlighting the artistic visual heritage with its material and non-material components in human civilizations, and the role of the artist in documenting, inspiring and reflecting the civilized state of societies. Since the dawn of time. He Said "Without art and artists, we would not have known the features of ancient life"Artists documented the details of that life on the walls of caves and in ceramics and handicrafts, just as artists documented the Renaissance and modern times through works that have been witnessed over the ages and times. Al-Malik noted the comprehensive artistic renaissance in Qatari society and the interest of state institutions in sponsoring art and artists through the efforts led by Qatar Museums, as the country turned into an open museum of creativity, by promoting the culture of visual arts in society, and establishing arts in every part of the country by hosting a championship. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with the participation of Qatari and international artists who created sculptures, artifacts and paintings inspired by the culture of Qatari society, and highlighted the State of Qatar’s celebration of cultural diversity on its land and its interest in international arts. He said that he had the honor to participate in this effort through two artistic models "Al-Jassasiya" And"Top top, sea" Both were inspired by the Qatari social heritage. Artist Salman Al-Malik pointed out that the interest in art and the arts represents a measure of the state’s interest in people, and at the same time highlights the importance of the artist in his society as a maker of beauty and an expression of the spirit, dreams and aspirations of societies, peoples and nations, which enhances the artist’s functional role and stresses the importance of giving more care and care to the arts, so that they become Arts are an essential part of our daily needs, and a spiritual demand among people’s demands, which is met through more art exhibitions and the spread of love for arts and creativity in society.

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