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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsAfter he burned himself.. the death of Tunisian soccer player Nizar Issawi, and protests erupt after his death

After he burned himself.. the death of Tunisian soccer player Nizar Issawi, and protests erupt after his death

The official Tunisian News Agency announced, on Friday, the death of football player Nizar Al-Issawi from severe burns, after he set himself on fire last Monday, blaming the Tunisian police for falsely accusing him of terrorism, as he put it.

The agency said; Al-Issawi died on Friday night, in the hospital in the Ben Arous region, days after he burned himself in front of the delegation of Hafouz in Kairouan.

The Kairouan Governorate Hospital in Tunisia had received football player Nizar Al-Issawi with third-degree burns, after he poured gasoline on his body and then set him on fire, according to the Director of Health in Kairouan, Dr. Muammar Al-Hajji.

Clashes erupted between protesters and security forces over the death of the player, as the Tunisian demonstrators expressed their anger by throwing stones at the police, chanting: " With spirit and blood, we will implement you, Nizar"while the security forces responded with tear gas canisters to disperse them, according to video clips reported on social media.

Radio reported "Mosaique FM" Al-Mahlia had previously explained that the player, Nizar Al-Issawi, deliberately set his body on fire on the grounds that he was falsely accused of a terrorist case, after he went to the police station to file a complaint against the banana seller, who deliberately sold them at a price of 10 dinars per kilogram, according to what the deceased stated before. Suicide, via his official page on "Facebook".

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