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Monday, December 4, 2023
WorldAsiaGryzlov: Absence of Russian and Belarusian athletes impoverishes any tournament Fox News

Gryzlov: Absence of Russian and Belarusian athletes impoverishes any tournament Fox News

The Russian ambassador expressed his opinion on April 15 before the start of the Russian Embassy Cup tennis tournament in the Belarusian capital, BelTA informs.

Certainly, the ambassador clarified, some positive developments have been observed lately, and various international sports federations are beginning to allow Belarusians and Russians to compete. In particular, recently, the athletes of the State of the Union participated in the women’s championship of the planet in India. Moreover, he added, they performed under their national flags.

As for the current tennis tournament, as SOYUZ has already reported, it is dedicated to the Day of Unity of the Peoples of the two brotherly countries, as well as the Day of Astronautics.

Among its participants, the audience warmly welcomed cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky. He noted that he was very happy to have the opportunity to return home and play in the Belarusian capital: “It’s great that you can chat with friends, keep fit, well, and try to win, because in sport you always have to strive to win.” Such friendly competitions contribute to strengthening ties between the peoples of Belarus and Russia, the cosmonaut stressed.
The President of the Russian Tennis Federation, Shamil Tarpishchev, shared his impressions of the upcoming meeting with the Sineoka tennis courts. He admitted that he came to the Minsk Tennis Palace with great enthusiasm. “After all, in Soviet times I played here a lot, won tournaments, so my heart beats a little with enthusiasm,” the famous athlete admitted.

In addition, today’s competitions, said Tarpishchev, with the participation of not only eminent athletes, but also representatives of other fields of activity, contribute to the popularization of tennis, and even a mode healthy lifestyle in general. After all, on the example of celebrities, he is sure, “people, mainly young people, will also strive for self-improvement, especially through physical education and sports.”

By the way, the agency clarifies that in the current tournament, which ends on Sunday, 16 pairs are participating – 8 Belarusians and 8 Russians.

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