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Sunday, December 3, 2023
News470 studies at the Abdullah Al-Thani Center for Teaching the Holy Quran

470 studies at the Abdullah Al-Thani Center for Teaching the Holy Quran

In this report, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs reviews the positive and constructive impact of the Abdullah bin Muhammad Al Thani Center for Teaching the Holy Qur’an to Women, whose seminars are held in the Al Kheesa area. They are distributed over 18 circles, and it represents one of the centers for teaching the Holy Qur’an that instills in the souls of our female students the guidance of faith, with an indication of the impact of these Qur’anic centers on the hearts of its affiliates and the promotion of noble values ​​and ideals in society, as the Qur’anic centers are distributed over the various regions of the country within the city of Doha And in the outer areas, it embraced thousands of students in memorization circles of all levels. Memorization and Tajweed, the head of the center, Ms. Lulwa Muhammad Al-Kuwari, explained that she started her practical career in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in one of its departments since 1998, and moved to work in a fast house for memorizing the Qur’an in 2006, then she moved to the Abdullah bin Muhammad Al Thani Center about ten years ago, specifically in the year 2013 Mrs. Lolwa Al-Kuwari explained that the center operates in two shifts, morning and evening, and the eighteen episodes are divided into 9 episodes in the morning period, and 9 episodes in the evening period, as the morning period embraces the category of mothers and educated women, while the evening period is for the category of children, girls and educated women. The number of conclusions during this year is 10 conclusions. The center’s Quranic programs include (memorizing the Qur’an for female students, and a recitation course for memorizers and female students) in addition to providing religious lectures. The center aims to graduate a large number of memorizing the Holy Qur’an. Studying the Holy Quran The teacher, Asmaa Muhammad, mentioned that she had recently joined the teaching at the center, and she believes that the main factor that drives students to learn the Holy Quran is mothers and teachers. The teacher, Azza Muhammad Ali, said that she began her teaching career in Quranic centers 8 years ago, and pointed out that her love of studying the Qur’an and her love for the portfolio is the main factor that drives female students to learn the Holy Qur’an and meditate on it. Reward and reward Student Sarah Nayef Al-Kaabi is 11 years old, and she has memorized until a blessed part, and her goal is to memorize the Noble Qur’an to unite God Almighty and gain reward and reward, as the Qur’an comes as an intercessor for its companions on the Day of Resurrection, and the goal after completing the Qur’an is to facilitate life, and to be among the beloved among people And that the Lord of the worlds be satisfied with it, but in terms of the effect that returns to it after memorizing the Qur’an, it is psychological comfort and reassurance. The student, Bara’a Muhammad, is 12 years old, and she memorizes one and a half parts of the Qur’an. Her goal in memorizing the Qur’an is to help others learn and memorize the Qur’an. Her goal, after completing the Qur’an, is to be a memorizer and to have the correct pronunciation without errors. , and the outstanding student. The guardian of the student, Sarah Nayef Al-Kaabi, whose daughter joined the center two months ago, praised the good treatment by the teachers and administrators working in the center and the interest and cooperation among the female employees. That her daughter finish memorizing the Noble Qur’an.

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