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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Casino & GamblingCrash Games’ Surge in Popularity has Attracted Researcher’s Attention

Crash Games’ Surge in Popularity has Attracted Researcher’s Attention

A 194% Spike in Unique Users in a Month Impressed Observers

The SevenJackpots research team, who have been monitoring the Indian online real money gaming market for some time now, were suddenly stopped in their tracks when the games provided by one emerging game studio spiked by 194% in unique users between July and August last year.

Impressed by the data, the market observers decided to give the whole matter a deeper look .

The name of the studio is Spribe , and it turned out their success was based on an innovative genre of online casino games called Crash Games their production had been focused upon.

This new type of games, also known as Cash or Crash Games, had already made itself noticeable showing steady growth, but their abrupt hike in popularity last summer seems to have caught the analysts by surprise.

A good sign for what was to follow could have been provided by the even more rapid rise to success of the Cash and Crash game by Evolution . The game was released in September 2021, and immediately after that was already shining as the second biggest game in terms of turnovers and the third biggest one in terms of player base in the “Other” casino game category.

The Cash or Crash Success Story

Evolution’s Cash or Crash is still gravitating around the top of the new segment, among Spribe’s hit titles like Aviator, Plinko, and Mines, Pragmatic Play ’s Spaceman, and SmartSoft ’s FootballX and JetX, which were released earlier, but stayed in the shadows until last summer.

Now, all of these games rock the charts even if they are far from producing tectonic shifts for online casino businesses.

Ever since the beginning of its existence, online casino entertainment has been moving towards providing richer gaming experience to users. With the advancement of technology and network connectivity, and the addition of live HD streams and AR/VR elements, the word “richer” was replaced by “more immersive”.

Even the Cash or Crash game is hosted by a live dealer and is more of a heavy game show, than a light crash game, as if its creators were afraid to skip the “usual immersive stuff” when developing their new game.

And indeed, a regular crash game has the simplest of graphics, just showing something like a stock market graph, and only one action button besides the betting options and interactivity features. This is the total opposite of the richer-to-immersive trend that had been shaping online casino development over the years.

The Roots of the Game

Before going mainstream and becoming a must-have for any self-respecting online casino game library, cash or crash games, like any other fashionable trend in the history of fashionable trends, slowly worked their way to “underground” popularity in certain circles.

This time, however, the “certain circles” were the massive hordes of Gen Zs and crypto enthusiasts. Crash games flourished in crypto casinos because their “provably fair technology” for generating random numbers based on server and client seeds resonated well with the expectations of these “target groups”.

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The same could be said about the risk-management decisions cash or crash games require, which resemble binary trade options where one either gains a lot or loses their whole stake.

With fans among the future workforce of mankind, and with roots based in the contemporary world of blockchain and crypto, cash and crash games are still to leave their mark on how we take casino entertainment.

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Synthia Rozario
Synthia Rozario
An editorial staff member at The Eastern Herald. Formerly, correspondent of The Eastern Express, Hong Kong.

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