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Monday, December 4, 2023
WorldAsiaThis tree is an earning tree, once planted it will give money for 40 years, bumper demand in country...

This tree is an earning tree, once planted it will give money for 40 years, bumper demand in country and abroad

New Delhi. If farming is done with the right plan, then it is the best source of earning. In such a situation, if you want to earn big money through farming, then today we have come up with a great idea for you. Many farmers are now paying attention to cash crops in addition to traditional farming. In such a situation, by cultivating this crop, you will continue to earn profits for many decades. Actually, we are talking about rubber cultivation.

You can earn bumper by cultivating rubber. Today, in many areas of the country, farmers are earning a lot from rubber cultivation. Let us tell you that India ranks fourth in the world in terms of rubber production. And Kerala is the largest rubber producing state. After this, the name of Tripura comes on the second number. From here rubber is exported to other countries.

These 6 months in one country and 6 months in another country, the rules and regulations of the world change

do farming like this Laterite red loam soil is considered better for rubber cultivation. The pH level of the soil should be between 4.5 to 6.0. June-July is the right time to plant the plants. Rubber plants require a lot of water. The plant becomes weak in dryness. It needs frequent irrigation. For its cultivation, more lighted land is required.

It is cultivated in these states of India These days rubber is cultivated in many states of India. According to the Rubber Board, natural rubber is cultivated on an area of ​​89,264 hectares in Tripura, 58,000 hectares in Assam, 17,000 hectares in Meghalaya, 15,000 hectares in Nagaland, 4,200 hectares in Manipur, 4,070 hectares in Mizoram and 5,820 hectares in Arunachal Pradesh. Is going

Rubber is exported to these countries Explain that natural rubber is exported from India to Germany, Brazil, America, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, China, Egypt, Netherlands, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sweden, Nepal and United Arab Emirates. According to a research, in the year 2020, more than 12000 metric tonnes of natural rubber was exported from India.

Invest once and earn for years The rubber tree’s milk is collected by piercing a hole in it. This is called latex or rubber milk. After this the collected latex is tested with chemicals from which good quality rubber is prepared. This rubber is used to make things like shoes, tyres, engine seals, balls, elastic bands and electric appliances. You can earn profit for 40 years from rubber cultivation. A rubber plant becomes a tree in 5 years. After this production starts in it.

Government also gives financial assistance Let us tell you that the farmers cultivating rubber also get financial assistance from the Central Government and the World Bank. Rubber trees grown in the wild are usually 43 meters tall, while those grown for commercial purposes are somewhat smaller. In this way you can earn bumper through rubber cultivation.

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