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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldMiddle EastEgypt: A hacker seizes the content of the Holy Quran Radio and sells it outside the country

Egypt: A hacker seizes the content of the Holy Quran Radio and sells it outside the country

The Egyptian Holy Quran Radio was subjected to piracy, its radio content was stolen and sold inside and outside Egypt from Arab and Islamic countries. Egyptian media reported that a hacker stole the radio’s content and sold it for a fee, and used the latest digital concealment methods to escape from security prosecution, in violation of the law.

According to the official Egyptian Middle East News Agency, the security services concerned with the Egyptian Ministry of Interior managed to seize the hacker.

The information and investigations of the General Department of Works Investigation and Intellectual Property Rights Protection in the Specialized Police Sector confirmed that a person, residing in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, created, designed and managed a pirated electronic application, through which he broadcasts the content of the Egyptian Holy Quran Radio affiliated to the Radio and Television Union to a large number of subscribers. In Egypt and the Arab and Islamic worlds, and that he has taken his residence as a headquarters to manage and operate the application, using the latest digital stealth methods; To escape from security pursuit and in violation of the law.

After codifying the procedures in coordination with the Public Security Sector and the Kafr El-Sheikh Security Directorate, the drug used to manage the electronic application referred to was targeted, and it was possible to seize the aforementioned, and by searching in his presence, a mobile phone was found with traces and evidence of managing the electronic application, and a flash memory containing the software source of the application mail.

Confronting the accused, he acknowledged that he is the owner and manager of the electronic application, and that he committed the aforementioned violations, with the intent of achieving financial profit, and all necessary legal measures were taken against him, and the Public Prosecution was notified to initiate the investigation.

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