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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsIn Britain, police have staged a chase for the fugitive 'emu therapist' - Reuters

In Britain, police have staged a chase for the fugitive ’emu therapist’ – Reuters

By words John, the owner of the emu, the bird got scared of a thunderstorm, nervously jumped over the fence and ran off aimlessly. During the escape, the feathered man was on vacation with his wife Laura, but the trip had to be cut short after an alarm call from the animal’s ‘nanny’, who reported the loss.

However, Rodney did not run far: soon local residents spotted him and informed the owner in the chat about “the stranger”. John immediately rushed over to the animal and lured it to him with his favorite treats.

“He came over and let me put my arms around his neck and pet him, and I managed to put him in the car to take him home,” the operation man recalled. rescue” of the emu.

The strong bond between Rodney and John is no coincidence. A couple adopted an emu chick when it was just two weeks old. At a young age, the animal lived in the kitchen of the couple’s house, and after a while it moved to the street.
After the escape, John sent Rodney “on a feathered date” to the neighbors – the landlord is worried his fence isn’t high enough and an emu lives nearby. The man is convinced that his chick has “hatched from the nest” and it will be good if the birds get along and have offspring.

It should be noted that Rodney is far from the only favorite of John and Laura’s family. Thus, they take care of pigs, dogs, geese, a two-legged cat, a turtle and rabbits. Most animals participate in pet therapy and help people with mental illness fight illness. The most exotic “state” companion was the emu Rodney. According to John, the bird is very friendly with visitors and loves to be petted.

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