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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsNavalny could be charged in a new criminal case

Navalny could be charged in a new criminal case

Opposition politician Alexei Navalny, who is serving a sentence in a settlement in the Vladimir region, will be charged with another criminal case under the settlement disorganization article. The reason may be his reaction to a provocation from the colony staff. On this subject informed Navalny’s lawyer, Vadim Kobzev.

According to Kobzev, Navalny was again placed in the ShIZO with a neighbor who has hygiene problems. “The smell in the cell was such that it was impossible to enter. Navalny refused to enter the cell,” the lawyer writes, noting that everything that happened was recorded on a video recorder .

Navalny warned that if he was forced into the cell he would use “according to prison rules” force against his cellmate. Colony officers first threatened the politician, then called a “response squad in body armor and helmets” and dragged him into the cell. At the same time, Navalny was kneeled in the groin, although he did not resist, writes Kobzev.

In the cell, Navalny allegedly grabbed the cellmate by the collar and dragged him out. In response to this, the response group pushed the politician against the wall and the colony authorities announced that they would now take criminal action against him under the disrupting the activities of the colony article. The article provides for up to five years in prison. Officially, the case was not announced.

A week ago, on April 11, Navalny was sent to prison for the 13th time. The reason was not named. Before that, the reasons for transferring a politician to a ShIZO were, among other things, an unbuttoned button And refusal wash the fence. The disciplinary cell is distinguished by particularly harsh conditions of detention. Navalny described it as a two by three meter cell where he had to sit on an iron stool. Since August 2022, he has spent more than 100 days in such a cell, which has led to a sharp deterioration in his state of health. According to Kobzev, in early April Navalny was called to an ambulance due to worsening stomach illness. The defender noted that Navalny’s diagnosis is still unknown. Kobzev informed , which will require toxicological and radiological tests, since his client can receive poisonous substances in small doses. In June 2022, Navalny was transferred from the general regime colony of Pokrov to the strict regime colony of Melekhovo. Navalny and his supporters consider the criminal prosecution to be political.

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