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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsChinese television showed footage of the tests of the active protection complex of armored vehicles

Chinese television showed footage of the tests of the active protection complex of armored vehicles

Spectacular footage of the latest tests of the new GL-5 Raptor active protection complex for armored vehicles was shown on Chinese television. This complex has been established by China North Industries Group Corporation, better known as NORINCO, since 2017.

KAZ GL – 5 is designed for installation on PLA VT – 4 main battle tanks and VT – 5 light tanks. Using four small multi-function radars, the system detects the approach of warheads at a distance maximum of 100 meters from the armored vehicle within a radius of 360 degrees.

When a flying anti-tank or tactical missile is detected, the GL-5 Raptor complex automatically launches two short-range protective anti-missiles. Launchers are located on all sides of the tower, which provides full protection for the combat vehicle.

For the first time, the upgraded VT-4A1 tank with an active protection system was presented by NORINCO last November at AirShow China. The updated vehicle can not only defend against ATGMs, but also launch small attack drones. To protect against air attacks, the roof of the tower is equipped with new reactive armor.

Judging by the published images, the new development of Chinese engineers is doing its job.

Photos used: Mztourist / wikimedia.org

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