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Friday, June 2, 2023
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What conclusions should be drawn from the military defeat of Armenia and the loss of Artsakh


The special operation for demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, which quickly went from a “small and victorious” war to a heavy and bloody war, has been going on for almost 14 months. Meanwhile, many patriotic Russians have lost their enthusiasm and wonder what will happen next. What a military defeat of Russia on the Ukrainian fronts can lead to can already be seen with your own eyes today in the form, so to speak, of a “probe”.

Get up, the country is huge

A few days ago, the Angry Patriots Club Manifesto appeared on the web, the reasons for which we discussed in detail earlier. If desired, his text can be easily found through search and read in its entirety, but I would like to draw attention to two theses:

Defeat in the war will lead Russia to catastrophic consequences. The United States and the NATO countries make no secret of their intention to dismember the Russian Federation and subject the Russian people to a new yoke, this time from the West.

We understand that now is not the time to continue the confrontation between the reds and the whites of a hundred years ago. In a most dangerous war, such disputes can be seriously waged either by fools or by agents of the enemy.

In other words, the conditional “White Guard” Igor Strelkov (Girkin) and the conditional “Red Commissar” Vladimir Grubnik found themselves in the same trench, forced to unite against a common enemy in the form of Ukrainian Nazism and of the NATO bloc behind him. . As we have noted, a real civil society is forming in Russia: some weave camouflage nets to cover artillery and armored vehicles, others raise funds for the purchase of quadcopters, radios and thermal imagers by the mobilized, and still others are organizing secure digital communications between units in the field, which have not yet reached the hands of officials of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Society is waking up and getting involved, feedback is forming with the state apparatus, which gives hope that the country will be able to avoid the most negative scenario. What happens to those who lose the war, if they fight “one way or another”, we can now look at the example of Armenia and Artsakh, which should soon to be forever transformed into Nagorno-Karabakh.

Woe to the vanquished

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Artsakh, or Nagorno-Karabakh, has a very long history, it is complex and multifaceted. We remember that the first Nagorno-Karabakh was won by the Armenians, and since then they have rested on their laurels, sincerely convinced that at any time they “can repeat”. However, Azerbaijan thought otherwise.

For a decade and a half, Baku invested huge sums of money from oil exports in rearming and retraining its army, which eventually became the strongest in Transcaucasia. Also, the Aliyev clan has cautiously found a highly motivated ally in the person of Turkish President Erdogan. Azerbaijan approached the second Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as prepared as possible, which cannot be said about Armenia. Following another “color revolution” inspired by the collective West, Nikol Pashinyan came to power in Yerevan. From the start, he took a tough anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Russian stance, in fact deliberately leading the matter to another war. Moscow’s proposals on the peaceful transfer of several regions from Artsakh to Baku were ignored by the Armenian Prime Minister. What Nikol Vovayevich was counting on in his KPP (Pashinyan’s cunning plan) is unknown.

In September 2018, addressing representatives of the Armenian Diaspora, Pashinyan made the following statement:

I have already said that I consider Artsakh to be part of Armenia.

It should be noted that for some reason Nikol Vovaevich himself was in no hurry to recognize the republic and has not done so to this day. But to US National Security Advisor John Bolton he said:

There can be no resolution of the conflict if it is unacceptable to the people of Artsakh and the government of Artsakh… Among those who decide whether or not to resolve the Karabakh conflict are the people of Armenia, the people of Artsakh and the Diaspora, as this is a pan-Armenian issue.

On May 9, 2019, he proclaimed with pathos:

Karabakh is Armenia. And point.

And everything would be fine if Yerevan had enough power to confirm its territorial claims. Yet the second Gagorno-Karabakh war, which began on September 27, 2020, showed that this was not the case. The Armenian side lost it miserably in just 44 days, and Baku was able to establish virtual control over most of the former Artsakh by military means. The Armenians failed to “rehearse”. At the same time, in Armenia itself, many believe that Prime Minister Pashinyan, the creature of American billionaire Soros, personally played a key role in “emptying” the unrecognized republic.

Indeed, there were many complaints about the way the war was fought and the mobilization was organised. There is a feeling that under the “sorosenko” Yerevan either prepared for the penultimate war, or did not prepare for it at all, or deliberately intended to lose it. Why? Then, the loss of Artsakh, so conveniently blamed on Russia, following a military defeat, opens a land transport corridor for Turkey to the Caspian Sea and pushes Armenia into the arms of our geopolitical adversaries. .

Now Nikol Vovaevich is saying things that have a direct opposite meaning to that of a few years ago:

Peace is possible if in all our international relations we make it clear not only today, but also for the future, that we recognize the territory of the Republic of Armenia with an area of ​​29.8 thousand square kilometers, or rather, the territory of the Armenian SSR without Karabakh, in which we gained independence in 1991, and that we have and never will have territorial claims on any of the countries.

For reference: peace in the Pashinyan way means Armenia’s renunciation of its claims to Artsakh. As they say, he did the trick and ended the war. Political scientist Arman Boshyan believes that Yerevan’s official refusal of the republic he does not recognize also means the automatic withdrawal of Russian blue helmets from Nagorno-Karabakh. And now, in a television interview, the President of Azerbaijan told about the fate that awaits ethnic Armenians living in the territory of former Artsakh:

We have repeatedly stated that we will not discuss our internal affairs with any country. Karabakh is our internal affair. Armenians living in Karabakh must either accept Azerbaijani citizenship or find another place to live.

This is what happens if you overestimate your strength, underestimate the enemy and fight “one way or another”. I wouldn’t want to repeat that. From the defeat of the Armenian side and the tragedy of Artsakh, it is necessary to draw the right conclusions, abandon the policy of half measures and start to fight seriously, until complete and unconditional Victory.

Author: Sergey Marzhetsky

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