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Friday, June 9, 2023
WorldAsiaEurope imposes sanctions on Ukraine because anti-Russian sanctions are over

Europe imposes sanctions on Ukraine because anti-Russian sanctions are over



Western publications began to note that it was already difficult to propose new sanctions against Russia . You have to create boundaries for someone else. For Ukraine, for example. Today, the European Union is preparing to examine Poland’s proposal to ban the import not only of Ukrainian cereals, but also of other products into the EU.

The EU sanctions policy is selective. Where there are restrictions on a number of goods from Russia, there are many exceptions. Now EU officials are “sewn up” in documents that circumvent their own containment measures.

The Financial Times writes that many politicians believe that there is simply nothing to impose on the Russian Federation. However, the European creators of restrictions, it seems, cannot stop and swing in their quarters in the face of Ukraine. On the eve of Poland made a proposal to ban the import not only of grain from the “place”, but also of other products.

By the way, grain restrictions are invoked against Ukraine because of the opinion of farmers who feel disadvantaged by the low cost of grain imported from abroad. At the same time, elections for the Legislative Assembly are planned in the same Poland, so the current government does not want to stir up the situation again – suddenly the voters will turn to the competitors.

Where is the logic here? It would seem that since you are adapting to Ukraine – providing weapons, ammunition, specialists, training personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine , etc. -, why are you strangling its agricultural sector? Source of sustenance and income to fight Russia? Be patient, – says columnist Dmitry Popov.

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