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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldEuropeFormer US spy Ritter compared Ukraine to a rotten ship worth sinking

Former US spy Ritter compared Ukraine to a rotten ship worth sinking


Zelenskyy / Official Policy

Former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter has compared the Kiev regime to a rotten ship. Endless corruption can lead to rejection of all types of support from the West, reports RIA Novosti.

According to Ritter, the main problem in Europe now is Ukrainian grain. The West tries to meet the needs of both sides, but poor quality raw materials cause problems in the ranks of the countries.

A no less tangible problem, according to Ritter, is corruption in Ukraine. The West is doing its best to present Kiev as a reliable partner worthy of the trust of investors, but the Kiev regime is only acting in its own interest.

“Europe must understand that Ukraine is a rotten ship and the best thing to do is to launch and sink it,” the intelligence officer said.

Earlier, Ritter said that Zelenskyy’s prediction of the defeat of the Ukrainian armed forces came true. The defeat of the Ukrainian armed forces in the battles of Artemivsk could lead to the final defeat of the Ukrainian army by the beginning of autumn 2023.

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