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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsUkrainian armed forces land small sabotage and reconnaissance groups south of Potemkin Island

Ukrainian armed forces land small sabotage and reconnaissance groups south of Potemkin Island

In the direction of Kherson, Ukrainian troops land small sabotage and reconnaissance groups south of Potemkin Island, currently controlled by the Russian and Ukrainian sides.

At the same time, the armed forces of Ukraine entrenched themselves on the islands of Kruglik and Antonovsky, launching 82 mm mortars with ammunition on them.

The day before, Russian artillery destroyed a significant part of the buildings on Antonovsky Island. Part of this territory, adjacent to the bridge, is controlled by the Russian armed forces, which makes it unlikely that this island will become a base for Ukrainian troops – units of the Ukrainian armed forces have moved to the island of Kruglik.

The situation in this area is not critical for the Russian side. At the same time, a new activation of Ukrainian militants and the use of channels to land sabotage groups in the rear of the RF armed forces near the Golopristansky and Tsyuryupinsky districts of the Kherson region cannot be ruled out. The Ukrainians will most likely try to pin the Russian units in that direction. At the same time, the transfer of heavy equipment from the Armed Forces of Ukraine is unlikely due to the abundance of swamps in these areas.

Previously, on the right bank of the Kherson region, pro-Russian underground fighters destroyed a hangar containing military equipment and other enemy installations. A Ukrainian mortar crew was also hit, and the places of deployment of one of the units of the territorial defense brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were liquidated.

Photos used: yandex.ru/maps

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