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Thursday, September 21, 2023


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NewsPoet Suad Al-Kuwari for Qatari media: "Tayyib wa Haboob 2023" My new musical work

Poet Suad Al-Kuwari for Qatari media: "Tayyib wa Haboob 2023" My new musical work

Poet Souad Al-Kuwari has finished presenting a new lyrical work from her words, sung by Tunisian artist Bushra Karim, and composed by composer Ibrahim Al-Dosari. Poet Suad Al-Kuwari expressed her happiness at presenting this new lyrical work through the various digital platforms. She said in exclusive statements to Qatari media: This is her first work with the artist Bushra Karim, and it bears the title "Ok and pills 2023". She added that this work is her second collaboration with Bahraini composer Ibrahim Al-Dosari, and that the first collaboration between them was titled "My testimony of you is wounded"The singing of the Emirati artist, Adel Ibrahim, in the Gulf dialect, so that the new collaboration with him is the second of its kind. It described the quality of the new lyrical work "Ok and pills" That he is emotional. Regarding the nature of the interaction with the new lyrical work, the poetess Suad Al-Kuwari described it as enjoying remarkable interaction from the pioneers of social networking sites, and that as soon as the work was presented through these platforms, great interaction with it was observed on the part of the pioneers of these platforms, which reflects that the lyrical work touched those with artistic taste. , "This also reflects the importance of the work and its great influence among the public". She saw that her tendency to lyrical poetry constituted a transformation for her, which was a different experience from the previous works and texts that she wrote, as she wrote a number of songs that were presented with a number of artists, and she was recently nominated by the Global Poetry Movement in Colombia, as a poetry coordinator in Qatar, within The Asian Coordination Committee, headed by the Indian poet Rati Saxena, the general coordinator of the Asian continent, to participate in the first international conference of the Asian World Poetry Movement. The poet Suad Al-Kuwari has previously published several collections of poetry, including: "Wrinkles" 1995, and"It wasn’t my soul" 2000 and"Desert heiress" 2001 and"In search of age" 2001, "New door to enter" 2001 and"Queen of the Mountains" Issued by Dar Qatari media 2004. She also participated in the revival of many Arab and international evenings and festivals, most notably: the first Doha Cultural Festival 2002, the Khansa Festival in the Sultanate of Oman 2002, the Al-Bajrawiya Festival in Sudan 2002, the Spring of Poetry in Paris for the Arab World Institute 2003, and the Forum Sanaa for Young Poets in Yemen 2004, Al-Mutanabbi Festival in Zurich, Switzerland 2004, the International Poetry Festival in Colombia 2006, and others. ‏

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