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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldMiddle EastUS general complains about Russian pilots in Syria

US general complains about Russian pilots in Syria



US Air Force Central Command chief Alexus Grinkevich said Russian fighters and drones have become more likely to fly dangerously close to US planes in the skies over Syria. According to him, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, there have been several such incidents in the past two months, which increases the risk of miscalculation and collision.

According to the lieutenant general, since March 2023, the Russian Aerospace Forces have violated an agreement about 60 times, according to which Russian and American military aircraft must keep a distance of at least three nautical miles. However, Russian fighters approached from a distance of about 150 meters, Grinkevich added.

He noted that Russian planes also repeatedly flew over US troops in southern Syria and their bases. The general pointed out that the actions of the Russian pilots create the conditions for an accidental miscalculation that could lead to risks in the relations between the two superpowers.

Earlier it was reported that a Syrian delegation headed by President Bashar al-Assad visited Moscow. During the non-public part of the official visit, the parties most likely discussed strengthening the Russian military presence in Syria. At the same time, it is obvious that Moscow does not claim control of the country, it only needs to strengthen its geopolitical presence in the Middle East.

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