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Sunday, May 28, 2023
NewsQatari media publishes details of the humanitarian interventions of Qatari institutions in...

Qatari media publishes details of the humanitarian interventions of Qatari institutions in Sudan


The Red Crescent: arrangements to provide urgent relief aid to the displaced at the crossings

Qatar Charity: providing urgent food aid to the neediest groups

responsible b"Sudanese health"Qatar Charity aid came to us at a critical time

Qatari charitable institutions, represented by Qatar Charity and the Qatar Red Crescent, have initiated an urgent response to provide humanitarian aid in areas affected by the armed conflict in several areas in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. Qatari charities, in coordination with a number of international institutions and organizations, are making arrangements to provide urgent humanitarian assistance in a number of affected areas. Qatar Charity is now present in the field providing food and medicine supplies in Khartoum, while the Qatar Red Crescent is making the necessary arrangements to provide urgent humanitarian aid. An informed source revealed to Qatari media that the Qatar Red Crescent is coordinating with its partners in the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the Sudanese Red Crescent, the Humanitarian Aid Commission in Sudan and the Sudanese Ministry of Health, with the aim of providing the necessary and urgent relief aid at the present time, especially in a number of areas in Sudan that have registered High numbers of displacement at the crossings and the cities of Wad Medani and Port Sudan, to which thousands of affected families and men have fled from the areas that witnessed a deterioration in the security conditions in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. The source affirmed that the Qatar Red Crescent is following up on developments in the humanitarian situation as a result of the armed conflict in Sudan. In the same context, Qatar Charity had taken the initiative to provide urgent food aid for the benefit of patients and emergency and medical work teams operating in the capital, Khartoum, under extremely complex humanitarian and security conditions. The Sudanese media described the Qatari initiative as the first humanitarian intervention of its kind since the outbreak of the armed conflict in the capital, Khartoum. d said. Muntasir Muhammad Othman, Director of the General Department of Emergency and Epidemic Control at the Federal Ministry of Health and the official spokesperson for the Emergency Room, in press statements: "We thank Qatar Charity for their generous support at a critical time when we suffer from a scarcity of food and medicine supplies.". He explained that the food aid provided by Qatar Charity helped a lot in the continuation of the provision of health services in reality, referring to the sites that are witnessing military battles between the two parties to the conflict in Sudan. Qatar Charity’s work continues. In the same context, Eng. Omar Abdel Aziz, Acting Director of Qatar Charity’s office in Sudan, revealed that Qatar Charity’s field teams provided ready-made meals and more than 28 tons of foodstuffs to hospitals in Khartoum state that suffer from food shortages as a result of the events. In coordination with officials of the Ministry of Health and the Humanitarian Aid Commission in Sudan, pointing to the continuation of the work of the Sudan office since last Sunday to provide more urgent food assistance to the most needy groups that suffer from severe food shortages, especially the care homes in Khartoum. Popular reactions and interaction with the urgent response provided by Qatar Charity Despite the intensification of the military battles, a number of beneficiaries of Qatar Charity’s assistance, including patients, their companions, and medical staff at Al Nou Hospital in Omdurman, expressed in press statements their appreciation for the speed of Qatar Charity’s response by providing food aid in A time when the sound of bullets did not stop as a result of the events in a number of areas of Khartoum State. In addition, the Federal Humanitarian Aid Commission praised the rapid response and intervention of Qatar Charity to support and support the health sector with foodstuffs. Moataz Ibrahim, Director of the Organizations Department of the Commission, said that the rapid response of Qatar Charity to help the needy came on time, and expressed his appreciation for the efforts of Qatar Charity and its employees to deliver the necessary food aid. At a time when it is difficult to move, he added: (This is a great and appreciated work and a historic and courageous step).

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