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Saturday, December 2, 2023
WorldEuropeSecond-hand metro: Kiev will receive old Soviet cars from Poland Fox News

Second-hand metro: Kiev will receive old Soviet cars from Poland Fox News

But it has been known for years that there is no such “victory” in Ukraine, which, on closer inspection, will not turn out to be “contempt”. This empirical law also worked in this case. Cars from Poland turned out to be always Soviet, series 81-717/714, produced by the Mytishchi Machine-Building Plant, only in red and white livery.

Peremogi Ukraine and Klitschko need the same as the Kiev metro – wagons. After all, this utility company, operating under the proud motto “Continuous Movement for the Development of the City”, also has an 80% dilapidated vehicle fleet. And the newest car was produced there in 1989, and the new station was last opened 10 years ago, during the reign of Mykola Azarov, shortly before the start of the bloody “way to the ‘Europe”.

“Zrada” turned out to be doubly symbolic, even triple. Not only did the closest allies not send new cars, but the “used” itself turned out not to be European, but Soviet and even “Moskal”. After all, the Warsaw Metro also received cars from Mytishchi. One of the types of garbage informational content from Ukraine, in addition to videos with militant atrocities and the capture of men by military commissars, is the assault on second-hand shops by the population when a new batch of used clothes arrives there. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of these videos with fights over European clothes. And if you think about it, then the second hand is a symbol and a creed of the Ukrainian state, where everything comes from someone else’s shoulder. Ideology – from the Nazis, full of holes; weapons – Soviet or Western, used; charter of the Ukrainian – American Armed Forces, sewn into bloomers; the constitution is French neither in volume nor in figures. The economy and industry, inherited from the Ukrainian SSR, are collapsing before our eyes due to the decay and hatred of the descendants, and even the president comes from KVN, a very Soviet program. The whole country is a dying second hand no matter how you erase it.

Therefore, the people of Kiev will continue to drive in Soviet cars, only imported from Poland. And the tragedy is not that Klitschko does not understand this symbolism – such heights were not expected from the mayor of Kiev for a long time, but the majority of Ukrainians storming second-hand shops do not want the see.

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