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Thursday, September 21, 2023


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WorldAsiaTeacher Olga Grinina from the Village of Love in Urusha has been teaching children their favorite math for sixty...

Teacher Olga Grinina from the Village of Love in Urusha has been teaching children their favorite math for sixty years Fox News

… The educational dynasty of the Vasins (our heroine’s maiden name) is over two hundred years old! Her parents were teachers, her older sister Raisa Ivanovna devoted half a century to teaching mathematics. For more than thirty years, his daughter Elena has been teaching mathematics in one of the Krasnoyarsk schools. Olga Ivanovna Grinina herself is an honorary citizen of the Skovorodinsky district of the Amur region. Today, she teaches the “queen of sciences” to her students’ grandchildren. And the salary of one of the most talented teachers in the Amur region is less than thirty thousand rubles …

First lesson

Urusha station has quietly hidden near the steel line of the Trans-Siberian. Here the sovereign train “Russia” slows down for two minutes – every other day. Half a day by train to Blagoveshchensk, in the other direction the same half a day to Chita. Winter – seven months a year, tomatoes and cucumbers grow only in greenhouses.

Urusha – the eighty years of the life of Olga Grinina. His parents came here to sow the good and the eternal more than a century ago. Mom taught geography, father – mathematics.

For the first time that she crossed the threshold of the classroom as a teacher at the age of nineteen, she received her education in absentia. He says it was pure adventure.
The overgrown students were two or three years younger than the teacher and a head taller.

  • There was no discipline at first, they did not put a penny on me, – the teacher from Grinina recalls.

Everything was decided in one evening. Mishka Mikhailov was an almost two meter tall repeater, with thick tattoos on his arms. Once he volunteered to help the teacher carry a heavy bag of notebooks home. She told him about the Big Dipper. Saying goodbye, Mishka exploded: “You are, if someone offends you, tell me…”

  • On the second day, I already had an iron discipline in classes, – smiles Olga Ivanovna Grinina.

orchestra man

Olga is the third and youngest child in a family of teachers. The character has always been flint!

  • She grew up with her brother-weather, took part in all the childish fights. Not a single boy at school dared to throw a snowball at me, Olga Ivanovna recalls.

At school, which she considers her “first home”, she spent days and nights. Parents could argue until three in the morning at the teachers’ council, and little Olya slept under her desk.

When asked why mathematics became her destiny, she replies with a gleam in her eye:

  • Mathematics is logic, all the laws of the universe are subject to it. Each curve has a mathematical explanation.

Olga Ivanovna developed a special method for teaching a lesson. In the math class at Urusha School, eight blackboards hang on the walls, with eight students working at the same time. Three assistants check problem solvers on the blackboard. The mathematician Grinin entrusts such a task to the strongest students, “so that they delve into and hear nothing.” And she herself masterfully conducts this entire orchestra.

Olga Ivanovna has developed a special lesson methodology: her students work simultaneously on eight boards

  • If the student does not work in the lesson, it means that I have not finished something. The task should be given according to his strength, if the child receives it beyond his strength, then his hatred of mathematics will remain with him for the rest of his life, – says Olga Ivanovna.

There are three things that should not be done categorically towards students in any case, Olga Ivanovna believes:

  • Never lie to them, offend them or betray them.

She says that today it is easy for her to work. She taught parents and even grandparents of today’s students. Knows who came out of which “test”. When he sees the pain and confusion in children’s eyes, he will always lead to a frank conversation. If the family is in trouble, he will ask permission to speak with his parents, his former students. Most often, the problem is solved in a conversation and ends with an almost school phrase: “Olga Ivanovna, I understood everything. Sorry …”

Of the twenty-eight teachers at the Urusha school, fourteen are students of Olga Ivanovna Grinina. Here is the equation!

And back to first year

Olga Ivanovna has been a widow for twenty years, her two children have long lived in large cities, far away.

She admits that only four years ago she felt her age. Before that, I had simply forgotten his age.

With the arrival of another spring, the legendary village teacher thinks this school year is the last. But on the first of September, he rushes back to his native school.
– This year I have two eleventh graders. How can they be abandoned? smiled Olga Ivanovna.

Asked about the salary of a mathematician with sixty years of experience, she replied:

  • Less than thirty thousand a month. You see, I don’t have a category. It’s humiliating for me to take grade exams when half of the teachers in the school are my students. That’s why this salary.

After a pause, she said calmly:

  • May my little injustice be a speck of dust in the great injustice of life.

Olga Grinina has a huge library at home. The volume of “Eugene Onegin” is next to the math textbooks.

And the most priceless book in his collection is a thick, well-read notebook. There, in childish handwriting, are written words of love and gratitude to a dear teacher. I have never seen such words of gratitude anywhere. Never and nowhere.

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