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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsIssuing the second issue of Festival City Magazine

Issuing the second issue of Festival City Magazine


Doha Festival City, the premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination in Qatar, is pleased to have recently launched its new logo. "This is my place, this is my choice", to announce the issuance of the latest issue of Festival Magazine for the second quarter of 2023, which presents Noor Stars, which recently collaborated with American Eagle in promoting their latest collection. The highly anticipated second issue of Festival magazine highlights the latest fashion, beauty and dining experiences for Spring and Summer 2023. Readers can enjoy learning about a variety of distinctive food and drink offerings at Doha Festival City, or explore the home furnishing festival that was held earlier in the mall. The magazine features articles on the latest collection of Dolce & George dinnerware from Karaca, with its modern and colorful designs that are perfect for festive gatherings, as well as the overall home experience from "The One"A brand that takes home décor and furnishings to a new level with an emphasis on quality and luxury. In this issue, readers can also find an exclusive interview with the face of the new American Eagle campaign, who will provide insights into the new collection, now available at the American Eagle store in Doha Festival City.

Doha Festival City is not only a luxury shopping destination, but also an upscale choice for entertainment and fun. And readers of Festival magazine can learn about the latest films at Fox Cinemas, such as the fourth part of the John Wick series of films, and the third part of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. For family movie lovers, Fox Cinema also offers a children’s cinema, which is the only theater dedicated to children, as well as an outdoor cinema, which is open in the open air. In addition, the theme parks at Doha Festival City including Angry Birds World, Snow Dunes and Virtuosity offer an array of exciting events and fantastic birthday parties. Readers can learn about birthday party options and other events in the magazine, and customize their party, from themed decorations to birthday cake, in a number of theme parks’ birthday rooms. A Unique Experience Commenting on the release of the latest issue of Festival Magazine, Mr. Robert Hall, General Manager of Doha Festival City said: "At Doha Festival City, we believe in providing a unique shopping, dining and entertainment experience for our visitors while ensuring sustainability, innovation and development. Evidence of this commitment is the Festival Magazine, which is a digital publication that provides our visitors with a valuable opportunity to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and events in the mall.". Sir Robert Hall added: "With its new design and digital availability, Festival Magazine reflects our commitment to sustainability and delivering an exceptional experience to our audience. It is a true mirror of the exciting and attractive offers offered by the mall, and we are fully confident that it will inspire our visitors and enrich them with information.". Comprehensive Guide Festival Magazine is not just a publication but a comprehensive guide covering a variety of topics from fashion, beauty, home furnishing, food, drink and entertainment. Each issue is filled with many interesting articles that cater to all interests, and gives readers the opportunity to stay up-to-date with all the latest events at Doha Festival City. Readers can learn about the latest interior design trends with Razia Anis, an accomplished architect and founder of DBR Studio, in the designer’s guide for Spring and Summer 2023. The magazine also presents an inspiring story of love, determination and innovation, highlighting the famous Italian fashion house. "Louisa Spagnoli".

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