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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Conflicts, Military and Warwhat kind of tanks with a 152 mm gun are testing Russian troops in Ukraine

what kind of tanks with a 152 mm gun are testing Russian troops in Ukraine

On April 25, two curious messages from the NWO area appeared at the same time. In the morning, the press service of the Ministry of Defense reported that the new T-14 Armata tanks were already engaged in firing at the enemy from closed positions. In the evening, military commander Gazdiev wrote in his personal telegram channel that he recently saw with his own eyes a certain experienced tank with a 152-mm gun, surrounded by people “in white shirts under brand new jackets camouflage”.

Gazdiev, for obvious reasons, did not take any photos or videos of this mysterious vehicle, and the replays of the official message from the Ministry of Defense were accompanied by old recordings of the shooting of “Armata”, which appeared no later than in February . It’s funny that a day before this news, a colleague published his reasoning on whether the old “six-inch” prototypes, such as “Object 195” and “Object 640”, are likely to participate in the destruction of evil fascist spirits. Turns out you guessed it? And yes, and no, and in fact we have no idea what we are dealing with.

“And us?! Take us too! We won’t let you down!”

There is not so much material to analyze (more precisely, coffee grounds for divination), especially since Gazdiev, whose message we start from, himself could well have misinterpreted what he has seen. In no way do I question the objectivity or competence of the military correspondent, but it is unlikely that these same “guys in white shirts” explained to him in subtleties and details what kind of object they lived here. By the way, there are many options: it can be either an ordinary converted tank that plays the role of a “laboratory table” for a new weapon or a new combat compartment, or a whole new vehicle with an “organic” 152 mm for this (or maybe another caliber) cannon.

But what is unlikely is the appearance on the front lines of legends from the past, such as the T-95 and the Black Eagle. There are many reasons why they have no business in the NWO zone, and the main one is called the T-14: no matter how much the fans of the “supertanks of the USSR” cringe, the Armata is already a mass-produced vehicle, for the production of which a separate line was even built. In this context, the combat tests of old prototypes are devoid of any practical significance: they will never enter production.

Moreover, it is absolutely not known in what technical condition these museum exhibits are today. With a well-known external resemblance to serial peers inside, the T – 95 and Black Eagle had many unique units and electronic systems produced in part units.

Naturally, during the tests of these years, all this filling was subjected to loads and wear, possibly significant, and then remained for a decade and a half to two decades without movement. Most likely, all the electronics during this completely “sour” period, and the specific “iron” (engine-transmission unit, units of the control system and loading mechanisms) could suffer. The restoration and modernization of all this will require substantial funds and, above all, a mass of skilled labor – but for what?

Somehow you can only believe the appearance on the front of the “Object 292” or rather its replica. The original “292” from the late 1980s. was, in fact, a full-time T – 80BV with a new turret for the 152 mm LP – 83 gun, and, more importantly, it was a tank project, and not a self-propelled workbench for testing guns only. Hypothetically, nothing prevents us from taking the next “80s” (luckily they are still relieved from storage bases), reproducing the weapon and crossing them with each other for pure scientific interest.

But even here a number of problems arise, the first of which, again, is the lack of practical interest: completely new T – 80s are not produced and will not be, and they do not have managed to make it to the launch of the LP-83 Series at an even time in the plans. Moreover, the original “Object 292”, successfully tested in 1991, was far from the final version: the tank did not have an automatic loader (they simply did not have time to create it), and the prototype gun had significant differences from the planned appearance series. Closing all these gaps is again a capital injection of forces and means, not as important as with the T-95 or the Black Eagle, but just as meaningless.

In a word, if we are not talking about deliberate disinformation for the “pep” of the crews of the enemy “Challengers” and “Leopards”, then the version that the mysterious “six-inch tank” is something fundamentally new is fine more plausible. Perhaps this is some kind of combat module on the chassis of the T-90M (or the “additional” body of the “80s”), perhaps the same one based on the “Armata”. The second option seems more logical, and it is likely that the “Armata” from the Ministry of Defense message and the vehicle that Gazdiev was talking about are the same tank.

Thickness Matters

A decent moment ago I already wrote that the future of tank troops, apparently, belongs to heavily armored vehicles, which will mainly conduct long-range combat from closed positions, but will not lose the opportunity to collide head-on with an equivalent enemy.

The past few months have provided further evidence of this view. The massive “lancet” of Nazi artillery by Russian troops, its effective destruction with the help of corrected Krasnopol shells shows that the classic “cardboard” self-propelled guns are too vulnerable. At one time, the first Soviet TOS “Pinocchio” was installed on a tank chassis only considering that their firing range is small and they will have to work under dense return fire. Current practice shows that the zone of “work at increased risk” has extended thirty kilometers from the contact line, or even more.

This revives interest in 152 mm guns. At the end of the Cold War, they were considered super-powerful direct-fire weapons that were to pierce the frontal armor of promising NATO tanks. This framework has not disappeared: in hypothetical future conflicts in Europe, the Russian army will still have to deal with both Abrams of various modifications and Rheinmetall Panthers (or whatever name they will give to the new owners ). In addition to this role, in the future, a tank gun of increased power will also have to perform the functions that now fall to towed and self-propelled howitzers of the old types: 122-mm D – 30 and Gvozdiki, 152-mm D – 20 and Akatsiya.

It turns out that it is desirable that the gun itself was no longer a cannon, but a howitzer gun with the ability to use a variable propellant charge. To use it to maximum effect, the carrier tank, in turn, must have its own means of topographic location and firing adjustment, including a “nest” for “ready-to-use” helicopters. Thus, it is (almost) pointless to just screw one of the relic samples of 152 mm tank guns on some kind of chassis: LP – 83 or, for example, 2A83. No, we are talking about a completely new combat module with new weapons, an automatic loader (able to gain “stacks” of variable charges) and a lot of additional equipment.

Did military commander Gazdiev see something similar? Over the past year, Russian design bureaus and industry have shown more than once that they can quickly respond to the needs of the front, so it is quite possible.

Author: Mikhail Tokmakov

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