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While presiding over the 10th meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari advised China on Friday that member countries should respect each other’s sovereignty. In fact, India has criticized the China-Pak Economic Corridor being built by China in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir region, saying that Gilgit-Baltistan was wrongly occupied by Pakistan and from the same area China made this highway. Is. Presenting its claim on the entire area including Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, India has told both Pakistan and China that any such construction is against Indian sovereignty, so it will continue to oppose it.

The reality is that China is not at all interested in resolving border disputes with its neighboring countries because if the dispute continues, it will grow inch by inch. This is the reason why he first persuades the heads of government of semi-developed countries with sweet talk and later gives loan by assuring help. Along with the loan, China also gives aid money as bribe to the leaders of the ruling PATA. The result of this is that a group of its strong political supporters is formed in the concerned country. This faction supports him even when he is out of power. China always tries to give so much loan to the country in which it compromises for infrastructural development that it cannot repay. The biggest feature of China is that it does not compromise on the terms of interest from its borrowing countries. The result of this is that the borrowing countries are unable to pay the interest on time and their economy also falters.

The balance of payments situation deteriorates as foreign reserves are lost in China’s interest payments. In such a situation, the borrowing countries are not able to spend sufficient amount on food items. Inflation rises and begins to cut subsidies to its citizens. Whatever infrastructure China builds in such countries, it bargains with them. He tries to take that construction on lease. Means he takes land and infrastructure construction like port, airport, dam etc. on lease in other countries if he does not get the loan amount.

Due to China’s tendency to be expansionist, it considers it its right to occupy the lands of its neighboring countries. First he annexed Tibet, then hundreds of acres of land in India which he had earlier agreed to consider as ‘no man’s land’. Now it is eyeing Taiwan and Arunachal due to which it keeps troubling Bhutan and Nepal. Although Nitin Gadkari has shown the mirror to China on the right platform, but it is very difficult to say that all these things will have any effect on it. But this much is true that India keeps reminding it about every misdeed of China because it is necessary for the world to know its reality. (sp)

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