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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsThe system for monitoring the situation in the forests of the Upper Volga region will be strengthened by 40...

The system for monitoring the situation in the forests of the Upper Volga region will be strengthened by 40 Fire Watch complexes

Region.Tver.Ru Tver

The decision was taken at a meeting of the regional budget commission chaired by Governor Igor Ruden.

Complexes “Fire Watchman” make it possible to detect fires, including forest peat, at an early stage, to increase the effectiveness of the response. Equipped with video cameras and Lesozhranitel software, they automatically recognize fires, send the appropriate signal, image and coordinates to the regional dispatch service. After verification, specialists take the necessary measures in case of fire confirmation.

Such complexes will be installed at 40 sites in the forests of the Upper Volga region.

When considering the issue, Igor Rudenya asked to resolve the issue of additional purchase of complexes to ensure maximum CCTV coverage of forests in the Tver region.

The tasks of strengthening the control of the fire situation in forests were set by the head of the region at a recent meeting of the Commission for the prevention and elimination of emergencies and the guarantee of fire safety in the Tver region. This is especially true during upcoming holidays and weekends due to the large influx of summer residents and tourists to the area.

“During the May holidays, the entire regional emergency response system should be transferred to the enhanced mode. In particular, it is necessary to take comprehensive measures to comply with fire safety rules,” said then Igor Rudenya.

Since the beginning of the fire danger period, the fire and rescue units have already moved several times to put out fires in the dry vegetation. Their main reason is a violation of fire safety rules. The culprits of fires, as a rule, are residents who, in dry weather, burn garbage and grass in their household plots, in recreation areas, along roads.

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