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Friday, December 8, 2023
WorldAsiaWhat is the secret of Russian military changes in the leadership of the Baltic Sea?

What is the secret of Russian military changes in the leadership of the Baltic Sea?

According to data from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Baltic Fleet includes ships and submarines whose tasks are assistance, search and ambulance, naval aviation, coastal forces, units of air defense with hypersonic missiles and others to provide technical and special administrative services.

Control Changes

Specialists spoke to “Sky News Arabia” about the clear steps taken by the Russian Navy, including the continued supply of the Baltic Fleet with modern ships and weapons systems, which reflects Moscow’s broad interest in secure its interests in the Baltic Sea against any Western threat. in light of the growing threats of a decisive forthcoming battle on the sea. The war took place in Ukraine.

Lamykola Beliskov, a researcher at the Ukrainian National Institute for Strategic Studies, says that Russian leadership changes are always accompanied by major events and dangerous changes related to the war in Ukraine, in addition to media reports that talk about heavy losses suffered by sectors of the fleet under the command of the Avakyants in Ukraine. He added to Mykola Beliskov that Finland’s formal membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has caused a radical change in Russian calculations, especially since Helsinki is located in its territorial waters near the Baltic Fleet stationed in Kronstadt and St. Petersburg. Saint-Petersburg, which is why Vladimir Putin resorted to changing the ace fleet commander (the oldest branch of the Russian Navy) and renewed the blood in his command, lest the Nordic strategic hold on the Baltic Sea is getting tighter. Beliskov believes that Moscow is seeking, through its Baltic Fleet, to direct threats towards northern and eastern Europe as a whole, in addition to preparing to repel any expected attack near the peninsula. Crimean.

Baltic conflict

The Baltic Sea is of utmost importance as it is a huge area of ​​water bordered by 9 European countries, including Germany, Finland, Sweden and Poland, and numerous incidents of aerial interception Western and Russian reconnaissance aircraft took place over its waters. Dia Noah, an international affairs researcher, says the Baltic Sea has recently been the scene of Western aerial harassment of Russian fighters and planes, the latest of which was the interception by Germany and Britain of 3 Russian military reconnaissance planes over the Baltic Sea, according to what the German Air Force announced last week. During his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, Noah believes that the indicators of tension in the Baltic Sea have increased sharply and turned into a zone of water militarization after Russia announced, about two years ago weeks, sending a fighter to intercept a German. army aircraft approaching its borders over the sea.

The incident was also preceded, according to Dia Noah, by the detection of operational Western Military District Air Defense Force radar installations (two US B-52H strategic bombers) over the Baltic Sea, flying towards the Russian border; The researcher, Diaa Noah, listed the importance of the Baltic Sea Fleet and Russia’s interest in it on a number of points, including:

Guarantor of security in the north-west of the Russian Federation. Performs a wide range of maritime protection and insurance missions. Protection of economic zones and areas of industrial activity. Holding the reins against NATO incursions with Finland’s recent membership in the alliance. Deployment of modern naval units (launch of the “Mogaysk” submarine (propelled by electricity and diesel) to ensure domination in the event of a global confrontation.

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