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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiathe British were afraid of the "Russian attack" on the network of submarine cables

the British were afraid of the “Russian attack” on the network of submarine cables

Photo: pixabay.com

Russia can ‘hit’ the UK if it damages the undersea cable network. It is these powerful facilities that support the island’s power and internet supply, according to the Daily Express.

– The UK’s national electricity grid depends on powerful submarine cables. As a result of sabotage, there will be power outages that will cripple the country,” said Dwayne Ryan Menezes of the think tank Polar Research and Policy Initiative.

Also on UK islands there will be problems with the internet. As a result, businesses, hospitals and other social institutions will not be able to function properly. And banks will stop processing payments and transfers.

In the North Sea, where, according to the publication, Russian spy ships can navigate, there are about 550 submarine cables. Their total length is more than 1.4 million kilometers. If this powerful network is damaged, it is not just the UK that will suffer. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, as well as Poland, Estonia, and the Netherlands may experience power and internet access issues.

Earlier, the ‘Main Regional’ reported that secret documents containing data on the latest nuclear submarine HMS Anson had been found in a British pub toilet.

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