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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsVideo.. A reprimand from the Prime Minister leads to the resignation of...

Video.. A reprimand from the Prime Minister leads to the resignation of the director of Baghdad airport


immediate resignation

On Sunday, the director of Baghdad International Airport, Hussein Qasim Khafi, filed a request with the head of “civil aviation” in Iraq to relieve him of his post.

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It came a day after a video emerged showing Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani berating the airport manager and officials for what he considered a “state of chaos”.

This video was widely distributed in Iraq on Saturday. In it, Shia al-Sudani appears as he berates officials at Baghdad International Airport for “the state of chaos and the decline in services provided to travellers”. The Prime Minister appeared angry during his visit to the airport and strongly criticized his manager.

Hussein Qassem Khafi justified his request to be relieved of his duties by “the lack of professionalism or support of the supreme references which guarantee the possibility of continuing the work and carrying out his duties in a manner worthy of the reputation and the prestige of Baghdad International Airport, and to hold responsible for the consequences and faults outside the period of its execution or within the limits of its authority”, according to what is indicated in the text of the request.

Khafi said in the waiver request: “I was appointed director of Baghdad International Airport only three months ago as the federal budget for 2023 was not approved and no infrastructure rehabilitation projects have been carried out since then. 2019.”

Khafi also spoke in the app about his “achievements” over the past period, including “activating the role of the Security Management Unit (SMS) to follow audit and inspection procedures for the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization and international standards”. ”

And he continued: “Needs for the rehabilitation and development of Baghdad International Airport have been identified, including more than 30 projects which have been submitted to the Department of Planning and Monitoring for inclusion in the general federal budget for the year 2023, and some of them have been transferred to be implemented by the governorate of Baghdad within the framework of the regional development budget.”

The Iraqi authorities approved the request submitted by the director of Baghdad airport, as well as the presentation of a letter of thanks and appreciation “for the efforts of the engineer Hussein Qassem Khafi in the service of the international airport of Baghdad during the last period”.

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