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Friday, December 8, 2023
Newsallergies can masquerade as rubella and SARS

allergies can masquerade as rubella and SARS

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Allergies can be easily confused with manifestations of other diseases. “Evening Moscow” reported how to recognize the symptoms of allergies.

Allergist Vladimir Bolibok said that for years many patients have thought that in the spring they receive only ARVI. However, the cause of the disease can be precisely an allergy, the manifestations of which can be sneezing and runny nose.

  • The most serious course of allergies is the development of bronchial asthma. Also in this case, many sin because of a cold. But there is an important nuance: with SARS, the temperature first rises, then the person seems to suffocate. With asthma, body temperature does not rise, the specialist added.

The allergy is often confused with rubella, however, the ring-shaped spots do not appear with allergies. With rubella, the spots expand and peel heavily.

The therapist Artem Merinov informed that most often allergic rashes appear on the face, stomach and forearm.

Doctors recommend not to self-medicate when allergy symptoms appear, since during this period the human body experiences a strong load.

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