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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsDentist Timofeev called the quality of water in the Russian Federation one of the main causes of tooth decay

Dentist Timofeev called the quality of water in the Russian Federation one of the main causes of tooth decay

The quality of water affects the condition of the teeth, as its composition varies depending on the region, said orthopedic dentist Dmitry Timofeev. Russians should pay attention to the content of chlorine and fluorine, as well as the acidity of water.

Excess fluoride, characteristic of high mountain foothills, can lead to fluorosis, says the specialist. Thus, white spots will appear on the teeth, and the enamel will become thinner.

  • If the water is soft, as in St. Petersburg, it is worth taking a calcium supplement to strengthen the enamel. The increased iron content stains the teeth with a yellowish or brownish tint and, in addition, causes disorders in the functioning of the kidneys and liver, accumulating there, Dmitry Timofeev clarified.

The dentist added that a large amount of chlorine destroys the enamel, as a result of which the teeth can literally crumble. Acidity index of pure drinking water. 6.5-8.5 will be the safest for the oral cavity of Russians.

According to New York dentists Michael Way and Richard M. Lipari, brushing your teeth while showering promotes infection. Experts have warned citizens about the need to abandon this procedure.

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