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Sunday, December 10, 2023
NewsNeurologist Parfenov spoke about new methods for detecting Alzheimer's disease

Neurologist Parfenov spoke about new methods for detecting Alzheimer’s disease

Neurologist Vladimir Parfenov shared with the Russians new ways to detect dementia in medicine.

The specialist shared novelties in the field of medicine, which are aimed at the timely detection and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to remember that dementia comes in many forms. If a person began to suffer from such an ailment before the age of 65, then we are clearly talking about heredity.

To date, the development of the disease is primarily associated with beta-amyloid protein, which is toxic to neurons in the brain. Tau-protein tangles of nerve cells increase the vascular pathologies of the brain, reducing performance.

“There is a study of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) for the content of beta-amyloid and tau protein in it. In Alzheimer’s disease, the content of beta-amyloid in the cerebral fluid decreases, while tau protein, on the contrary, increases, which reflects the death of nerve cells, ”explains doctor Parfenov.

Practice shows that absent-mindedness, lack of attention and memory impairment do not always indicate the development of dementia. A complete clinical picture is possible only after a detailed examination. For example, medications taken are taken into account, tests are taken, MRI, PET is done.

Vascular pathology of the brain. They think that dementia is from blood vessels, from atherosclerosis, hypertension. Yes, these are also factors, but they are not the main ones. “Vessels” are the cause in about 15-20% of cases of dementia. To make a diagnosis of vascular dementia, it is imperative to do an MRI of the head, ”the specialist explained.

Plus, tests for elementary memorization are given. There is a risk that the matter lies in the lack of vitamins, depression. The lack of sports also affects the condition.

It is recommended to devote time to physical activity three times a week for half an hour. You can even just walk in the fresh air, the main thing is regularly, writes Gazeta.ru.

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