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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Newspersistent pain and fever without SARS may indicate cancer

persistent pain and fever without SARS may indicate cancer

All types of cancer have unique symptoms, but oncologist Ivan Karasev has suggested some common signs that may indicate the development of the disease.

The doctor advised to pay attention to symptoms such as unexplained body pain, unexplained weight loss, long-term treatment for other diseases (or treatment failure), suspicious growths on the body and fever without signs of a cold or acute respiratory infections.

The human body can go into what is called “disease mode”, which indicates that something is not working properly.

If a person does not recognize the signs of a maladaptive reaction and does not seek treatment at the right time, they may develop advanced cancer.

Ivan Karasev recommends consulting a doctor if such symptoms are found, he said in his Telegram channel.

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