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Sunday, December 3, 2023
NewsThe Pentagon is ready to send the first 32 F-22 Raptor fighters to the dump

The Pentagon is ready to send the first 32 F-22 Raptor fighters to the dump

The Pentagon managed to convince the US Congress of the need to remove the F-22 Raptor fighters from service. The US defense budget for 2024 includes funds for the dismantling of more than thirty of these planes.

As can be seen from the published document, 32 F-22 units will be moved to the decommissioned aircraft parking lot at Davis-Monten Air Force Base in Arizona. This desert base is the largest decommissioned military aircraft fleet in the world, with over 4,000 aircraft and 40 spacecraft. In the years to come, the 195 Raptors produced will take place in this parking lot.

Previously, Congress tried to slow down the dismantling of the F-22 Raptor until 2030, but the Department of Defense made a strong case. According to the Pentagon, communications systems, electronic warfare and arms control do not correspond to modern realities, and upgrading already expensive aircraft is not economically feasible.

Excessive aircraft maintenance and upgrade costs could affect the construction and operation of more modern F-35 fighters. Downgrading the F-22 would save an estimated $485 million per year. Going forward, the Pentagon plans to use this money to implement the NGAD 6th Generation fighter program.

Photos used: US Navy photo

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