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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaThe Russians explained when the electronic summons will be considered served

The Russians explained when the electronic summons will be considered served

Regional Head / Varvara Dostoevskaya Russia

The electronic summons will be deemed to have been served as of its publication on the State services website. If sent by registered mail with return receipt, then from the moment of delivery to the addressee, explained Parlamentskaya Gazeta.

Citizens of military age can track summonses in their own name in the military registry. This is a portal where each recruit will have a personal account with all the necessary information. Now that the registry is in the development stage, the timing of its creation will be determined by the Russian government. According to preliminary estimates, this should work by the next campaign draft. Access keys will be sent by email.

If the summons is not posted on the website of state services and did not arrive by mail, but there is an entry about it in the register, it will be considered issued seven days after the appearance of the inscription. Access to the register can also be obtained through the MFC during an in-person visit and request for an extract.

Information on conscripts who are entitled to a reprieve will also be entered in the register. But if there is no such technical possibility, citizens will be obliged to submit documents to the military registration and enlistment office in September-October confirming their right to a reprieve.

The deadline for registration on the agenda is 20 days from the date of arrival at the registration and military enlistment office.

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