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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAfricaThe Sudanese crisis shakes the "boat" of illegal immigration

The Sudanese crisis shakes the “boat” of illegal immigration

Since the middle of last month, Italy has declared a state of emergency to deal with the increase in illegal immigration, while the Libyan authorities are working to control the borders with Sudan to monitor the movements displacement, with Libya being one of the most important transit countries. country to the European Union.

A few days ago, the Libyan Red Crescent announced the recovery of the bodies of 11 migrants off the western town of Sabratha, bringing to 34 the number of bodies recovered in the past few days, after that a boat carrying dozens of migrants sank in the Mediterranean.

Experts who spoke to Sky News Arabia believe that the Sudan crisis could lead to an increase in illegal immigration rates if no agreement is reached to end the fighting between the army and the Rapid Support Forces.

Due to the clashes, tens of thousands of people, including Sudanese and citizens of neighboring countries, have fled in recent days to countries such as Egypt, Chad and South Sudan, despite the instability and the conditions difficult life there.

Libyan warning

Major General Rafi Al-Barghathi, head of the Agency for Combating Illegal Migration in Eastern Libya, warned of the repercussions of the Sudanese crisis, adding:

The continuation of the situation in Sudan doubles the displacement towards the Libyan border. Hundreds of Sudanese have arrived at the Libyan border with Sudan (southern Libya), individually, in light of expectations that their numbers will increase if the war continues. The continuation of the bad situation in Sudan carries many risks, especially with regard to displacement and migration to neighboring countries. The Libyan armed forces have so far controlled the border with Sudan, bringing the situation “under control” to this day. The acceleration of the pace of illegal immigration in recent times and the appearance of many bodies on the shores of Libya and Tunisia. The efforts made limit the increase in numbers, but it is difficult to eradicate the phenomenon, because it crosses borders.

The Agency for the Fight against Illegal Immigration has also issued instructions regarding the intensification of the work of security patrols on the border with Sudan, as well as the support of security parking at the land port of Al-Awainat, in southeastern Libya, in a way that contributes to the maintenance of security on the Libyan-Sudanese border.

Emergency in Italy

In mid-April, the Italian government declared a state of emergency across the country for a period of 6 months, to deal with the crisis of irregular migration, which has increasingly flowed to its borders in during the recent period.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said the Cabinet had decided to declare a state of emergency on migration “in order to move towards more efficient management of migration flows and to respond to related cases in a timely manner”.

For its part, the Italian Prime Minister’s office said in a statement that this step is the result of the large influx of migrants to the country’s borders in recent times and the overcrowding of migrant reception centers, in a context of expectations of increased migration. movement over the coming period.

European concerns

Cypriot expert, Ioannis Ioannou, revealed to ‘Sky News Arabia’ European fears of increasing illegal immigration activities to EU countries across the Mediterranean, and explains:

The European Union fears that the Sudanese crisis could lead to a wave of mass displacements which will lead to an increase in illegal immigration rates. It is estimated that the continuation of the conflict could lead to the displacement of around 800,000 Sudanese to neighboring countries. Achieving a rapid solution to the crisis helps to reduce the risks of its impact on illegal immigration. European diplomacy seeks a convergence of views between the two powers involved.

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