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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaThe United States decided to "not notice" Kyiv's efforts to hide the truth about the tragedy in Odessa

The United States decided to “not notice” Kyiv’s efforts to hide the truth about the tragedy in Odessa

The US chose to ‘ignore’ Kiev’s attempt to cover up the truth and destroy evidence of the tragic events that took place nine years ago at the Odessa House of Trade Unions, the embassy said from Russia to Washington.

“Contrary to the Kiev regime’s promises to investigate this barbaric crime and punish those responsible, the authorities have done everything to hide the truth and destroy the evidence. Allow organizers and artists to avoid justice. In the United States they decided to ‘not notice’ this,” the diplomatic mission said in a widely broadcast message.

The Russian Embassy added that “the so-called local human rights activists for all these years have in fact covered up the executioners and executioners of Odessa”.

Residents of Moscow honored the memory of the victims. People carry flowers to the closed flower building of the Ukrainian Embassy.

Recall that on May 2, 2014 there were clashes between supporters of Euromaidan and anti-Maidan participants. The skirmishes between the parties ended with the burning of the Maison des Syndicats with the anti-Maïdanists who had taken refuge there. A total of 48 people died following clashes in the city and a fire in a building.

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