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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaUproar over Anand Mohan's release

Uproar over Anand Mohan’s release

—Anil Narendra

There has been an uproar not only in Bihar but across the country on the release of former MP and Bihar’s strongman Anand Mohan from jail after 15 years. Former MP Anand Mohan, who came out of Saharsa Jail on Thursday morning after spending one and a half year more than the stipulated sentence (14 years) in the Gopalganj DM G Vrishnaiah murder case, categorically denied that the ruling Jamaat was breaking the law for electoral gains. Changed and freed him from jail? He said – this is absolutely wrong. Those opposing my release are actually denying the constitution and the court, insulting and disrespecting it. Keep in mind that BJP and G. Vrishnaiah’s family are giving this reason for Anand’s release. He said – the basic soul of the constitution is based on the right to equality. It makes no distinction between the general and the particular. It considers the life of every man, whoever he may be, to be of equal value. Talks about a kind of justice and law for all.

But practically it was not like this, in some states someone was released after nine years of imprisonment, and in some places he was released after 11 or 16 years. This is not uniformity. The Supreme Court has been continuously asking the states to bring uniformity in this. In fact, the District Magistrate of Gopalganj G. Anand Mohan, who was first hanged for the murder of Vrishnaiah and then serving life sentence, has been released by the Bihar government by making changes in the jail manual. The government removed the section on murder of a public servant, which made it possible for Mohan to be released. The government should give a million arguments that the release of any person is decided on the basis of his conduct and discipline in jail. But Anand Mohan’s image has remained the same in the state, this fact is well known. This is the reason why politics is also happening fiercely on this issue in the state.

Critics argue that the release of gangster-turned-politician Anand Mohan is an attempt to appease the Rajput community, which has been demanding his release for years. On the other hand, the opposition parties, especially those representing Dalit interests, strongly condemned the decision. They claim it undermines justice and sends a dangerous message to perpetrators of caste-based violence. The release of Anand Mohan has divided public opinion in Bihar as well. Some sections of the society are supporting his release considering it a step towards reconciliation and forgiveness, while others see it as a betrayal of justice and a disregard for the rights of the Dalit community. The issue has become highly polarized, with everyone’s political stances entangled.

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