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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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NewsDoctor Deborah Lee called hyperhidrosis the most characteristic sign of cancer

Doctor Deborah Lee called hyperhidrosis the most characteristic sign of cancer

Dr Fox online pharmacy consultant Deborah Lee said that hyperhidrosis – profuse sweating at night, can signal oncology.

According to the specialist, hyperhidrosis is a “red flag” for doctors, and in some cases it may indicate serious diseases such as leukemia or cancer of the lymphatic system. Therefore, this symptom should not be taken lightly.

A special cause for concern should be the regularity of night sweats. It can last for several weeks and more than once a night.

In addition, you should listen to your body. If the night sweat is so strong that it forces you to get out of bed and change everything, as well as take a shower, then you should not hesitate and contact a specialist the next day.

It is also possible that such an ailment is accompanied by fever, fatigue and itching of the skin. However, this does not mean that a person is 100% likely to have cancer.

Sometimes night sweats are a sign of anxiety. Nevertheless, it would also not hurt to visit a doctor in this case, writes “MK” with reference to the Daily Express magazine.

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