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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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NewsNew Israeli raids on Gaza... and longer-range Palestinian missiles

New Israeli raids on Gaza… and longer-range Palestinian missiles

Details of the Israeli bombardment

The IDF issued a statement after midnight, saying its planes attacked weapons production sites, military compounds and an underground tunnel belonging to Hamas. Warplanes attacked a military compound used as a Hamas training camp, in addition to a military site containing an arms depot, a third weapons production site and a training complex for the movement. The raids included two weapons production sites used by Hamas’s manufacturing wing, a cement factory used to build Hamas infrastructure, a military site for Hamas’ naval force and an underground tunnel belonging to the movement in southern Gaza strip. The Israeli military said the massive raids came in response to barrages of rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, as they constitute a blow to Hamas’ weapons capabilities. The army held Hamas responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip, stressing that it “will pay the price for security violations against Israel”. Our correspondent mentioned that the raids targeted farmlands east of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip. He added that one person was injured by missile shrapnel in the head after an airstrike at the site of the ship, northwest of Gaza City. Earlier, Israeli planes had launched a missile attack on the Strip.

Factions launch missiles

Our dispatcher in Gaza said Palestinian factions fired four missiles, in the latest salvo, at Israeli settlements bordering the strip. Sirens sounded around the Gaza Strip. Israeli Army Radio reported that, for the first time since the August 2022 confrontation, rockets were fired outside the Gaza border, hitting areas 20 kilometers from Gaza. Israeli media said the total number of rockets fired by Palestinian factions has reached 70 so far. Palestinian rocket fire began shortly after the death of Khader Adnan was announced at dawn on Tuesday, but the biggest wave of rockets came in the evening.

The death of Khader Adnan

Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan, leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, died at dawn on Tuesday after an 87-day hunger strike. This is the first death of a Palestinian detainee on hunger strike in over 3 decades. The Israeli Prison Service said Khader Adnan, who was awaiting trial, “was found Tuesday morning in his cell, unconscious.” She added that he was then taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead after attempts were made to resuscitate him. Adnan’s death sparked a wave of anger and protests in the occupied Palestinian territories, which witnessed a general strike and clashes in separate areas with the Israeli army.

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