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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaofficial marketplaces flooded with fake apps selling circuits

official marketplaces flooded with fake apps selling circuits

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According to Izvestia, fake tour sales apps have appeared on the official Apple and Android marketplaces, which can mislead buyers and lead to money loss and disappointment. Cybersecurity experts advise to carefully read the information about these applications, available on the marketplaces.

Ivan Bulychev, information security consultant at Jet Infosystems, notes that the first signs that an app may be fake are a lack or low number of reviews, a low rating, and errors in the title, description, or screenshots. He also recommends checking if there are any links to the app on the company’s official website.

The expert points out that attackers can use different methods to bypass the store’s verification system. One such method is to put an app with harmless functionality on the App Store to pass the test and then change its functionality to malicious.

Muscovite Daria S. almost fell into the trap of scammers who created a fake application for a large tour operator. The girl was looking for trips to Egypt in the official App Store market and found several options at a price of 90-120 thousand rubles.

However, before paying for the tour, she decided to go to the tour operator’s office to get more information from the agent. As a result, she discovered several strange things: only four addresses were listed in the contacts of the app, while there are many more real offices of the company in Moscow, the prices in the app were much lower to those in other places, and the filter didn’t work.

Russians are planning a summer vacation, but the cost of trips to Egypt and Turkey, popular with tourists, is rising. Travelers wishing to spend time on the sea beaches were offered an inexpensive alternative.

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