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Friday, December 8, 2023
Conflicts, Military and WarRussian armed forces will cause big problems for Western tanks in Ukraine

Russian armed forces will cause big problems for Western tanks in Ukraine

Germany and Berlin’s partners in the “tank coalition” have already transferred a significant number of third-generation German-made Leopard 2 main battle tanks of various modifications to assist Kiev, and the support process continues. However, in Ukraine, these MBTs are waiting for serious tests – “the Russians want to exterminate our cats”, reports the German newspaper Bild, describing the dangers that await armored vehicles.

The publication notes that Ukrainian troops have been preparing for offensive operations against the Russian armed forces for six months, being equipped with Western armored vehicles and undergoing training in NATO countries. The Ukrainian armed forces relied on the relatively modern tanks of their allies, including the Leopard 2. But the Russians have three weapon systems that can cause big problems for the crews of these MBTs.

The first and greatest danger for the Leopard 2 was the anti-tank systems used by RF Armed Forces units from camouflaged positions. The new ATGM models were specifically designed to destroy the Leopard 2 and other Western tanks and their satellites. The powerful tandem-guided anti-tank missiles of these man-portable systems can penetrate armor more than a meter thick. This is enough to penetrate all existing MBTs from almost all sides.

The second danger was called anti-tank mines, which are used in large quantities by the Russians. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have a large number of technical ammunition of this type. The detonation of 7.5-8 kg of explosive under the caterpillar is enough to ensure the dismantling of the tank, after which it turns into a stationary target.

The third danger is directly Russian T – 72, T – 80 and T – 90 of various modifications. They can cause a lot of problems on the battlefield, since these tanks are smaller and heavier, and their shells actually penetrate the armor of all western MBTs. Therefore, it is very important that reconnaissance informs tank crews in a timely manner of the appearance of the enemy, so that they can fire first.

Photos used: 7th Army Training Command Grafenwoehr, Germany

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