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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Delhi’s Rohini court firing incident accused Sunil alias Tillu Tajpuria was murdered by his rival Gogi gang criminals Deepak alias Teetar, Yogesh alias Tunda, Rajesh and Riyaz Khan. Surprisingly, both Tillu and his killer were in the high security ward. Before the murder, the lattice of Tillu’s ward was cut. The question is, did the arrangement of the equipment to cut the iron net and the sharp object to attack Tillu happen in the jail?

The jail administration as well as the courts have the responsibility of the patients living in the jail. Changes are made in the jail manual only on the instructions of the courts and the rules related to the safety of the prisoners are implemented. Even on their facilities, the courts give instructions to the jail administration. But the courts themselves cannot play the role of prison administration. The jail administration has to follow the rules. With the connivance of jail personnel, the prisoners get mobile phones, sharp weapons and even explosives and revolvers. This means that the root cause of the trouble lies in the criminal collusion of the prison administration and its employees with the inmates. Only the Delhi government can take any initiative against this criminal agreement. Governments always publicize that the jail administration is fully vigilant, but it has been seen that criminals do whatever they decide according to their conspiracy. This means that the jail helps in providing all kinds of facilities to the patients.

Recently, action was taken against the Director General of the jail in the bribery case, then the former minister of Delhi was given facilities against the jail rules. However, this much is certain that criminal activities do not end in jails, but run rampant from there as well. Jail is a safe place for criminals where nothing is impossible for them. (sp)

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