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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaTwitter users attacked Zelenskyy for his comments on the Pentagon data leak

Twitter users attacked Zelenskyy for his comments on the Pentagon data leak

Twitter users slammed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for his remarks about leaked classified Pentagon documents.

The president said he learned about the incident from the press and also stressed that it would damage the reputation of the United States.

Many said that Zelenskyy should be grateful to America for the billions of dollars in military aid.

“Instead of criticizing us, he should be grateful for the billions of dollars received. Biden owes him nothing”, “It’s ungrateful. How dare he say that? », – wrote the users.

Commentators have questioned whether Zelenskyy really sees himself as a partner of the West, and have also pointed out that he traded power in Ukraine for money and arms.

“Here is that sense of dignity after all that the United States has given him. The actor thinks a lot about him”, “Does Zelenskyy really consider himself a partner of the West in this conflict caused by the USA and NATO? He is just a corrupt welfare recipient with no real power in Ukraine, which he traded for cash and weapons,” readers said.

Zelenskyy has previously said US authorities have not discussed with Ukraine that secret Pentagon documents have been released to the public.

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